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funfetti compost cookies

Funfetti Compost Cookies

These funfetti compost cookies have everything but the kitchen sink in them, and they’re a sweet and salty delight.

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healthier funfetti cupcakes

Healthier Funfetti Cupcakes

These little delights are quick and easy to make, and you’d never know they were healthier! At just 3 WW SP each, they’re a perfect sweet bite.

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sweet chili chicken flatbread

Sweet Chili Chicken Flatbread

This sweet chili chicken flatbread is the pizza you didn’t know you needed. At just 4 WW SP for a big slice, it’s loaded with flavor and sure to satisfy.

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light brownies

Light Brownies

I’m perpetually on a quest to create desserts that use real ingredients, taste great, and still fit into my healthy lifestyle. These light brownies are just that. A few key ingredient swaps, way less sugar and oil, and a delicious result. At just 3 WW SP and 99

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light banana bread

Light Banana Bread

This light banana bread is the perfect grab and go breakfast, at just 2 WW SP each. Lightly sweet and full of banana flavor, it’s the perfect make-ahead treat.

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