GoWise USA 17 Qt Mojave Air Fryer

The Mojave air fryer is my prized kitchen appliance. I use it on a daily basis, and it’s my preferred way to reheat pizza, cook meat and fish, and even hard boil eggs. It’s oven style, meaning it has multiple trays and you can cook an entire meal at once. It’s also easier to clean, since you just remove the trays, clean them, wipe down the inside of the machine, and you’re done! It’s super simple to use, with an intuitive touchscreen, and it’s the perfect size that doesn’t take up too much counter space.

This 17-Quart Air Fryer Dehydrator Oven comes with 5 dehydrating trays plus 6 additional accessories including a rotisserie rod and forks, rotisserie tongs, skewer rotisserie, rotisserie cage, drip pan, and a shallow mesh basket. Adjustable temperature range for dehydrate setting is 90F – 170F, and adjustable time from 1-24 hours. Adjust temp between 90-400F and time between 1-60 minutes when using as an Air Fryer Oven.

mojave air fryer

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