The perfect recipe for when you’re craving peanut butter and chocolate, but want it to be a bit more diet-friendly.

Bottom layer:
•3/4 c chocolate of choice (can make it dairy free by using a dairy-free chocolate)

•1/8 c coconut oil

•1/4 c peanut or almond butter (I used @wholefoods store-ground peanut butter)

•Splash of vanilla

•1 tbsp maple syrup

Top layer:
•3/4 c peanut butter or nut butter of choice (cashew or almond butter work great)

•3 tbsp maple syrup

•1/4 c coconut oil

•splash of vanilla

•pinch of salt


  1. Start with the bottom layer first! Melt the chocolate, pb, coconut oil in the microwave (40 sec or so), stir together, add maple and vanilla, pour into parchment lined pan. Put in fridge while you work on the top layer.
  2. Now, for the top layer, top layer mixture ingredients in the microwave for 30-40 sec, pour on top of chocolate layer, which should have hardened slightly.
  3. Let chill for a few hours until solid, cut up, and enjoy! Store in the fridge (it gets deliciously melty otherwise)!

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